Born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), 1975 she begin to takes pictures for anthropology works during her Philosophy university studies.

She became photographer in 2006 starting first on a workshop with Isabel Muñoz and them with Carlos Cánovas. On the next year she travel to Vancouver to meet master photographer “Ralph Gibson” to develope a workshop and learning about dramatic understatement behind Gibson’s images famous for have a dream narrative when gathered together.

In 2015 she has been selected by Christian Caujoulle during “Les Rencontres d’Arles” Photography Festival. She has been also with other master photographers as Paolo Roversi, Antoine d’Agata. Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi said about her that “She is a great creator of stories and atmospheres”. Her definitive approach to the cinematographic languages started making a short film under the direction of Víctor Erice, which was followed by other workshops focused on the intimate relationship between cinema, literature and painting.

She was also founder of “Noire et Blanche”, a photography and film company dedicated to produced editorial and advertising campaigns for fashion and social business. Her work under “Noire et Blanche” label has been published during 15 years in different magazines such as VOGUE, TELVA, VANITY FAIR... In the last years she has been awarded in various prestigious competitions for her documentary and fiction audiovisual creations. Actually she works on different project sunder her own film company “MARTELA FILMS” that was invited in 2022 to participate on "The Industry Club" / MEET THEM on San Sebastián Film Festival.


2019-2020, University Master’s Degree in Secondary Education (UVIGO)

2004, PHILOSOPHY Degree. Santiago de Compostela University (USC)


2021 “Xohana Torres de ensaio, investigación e creación audiovisual” SEARCHING LIGHT "Na procura da Luz" / Luz Pozo Garza

2019 XIV Luis Ksado : Short Film Series “ARTIFICIAL PARADISES”

2019 Finalist I Mahou Barrica Audiovisual Narrative Award: “WINTER WAY”

2017 First Award VII Certame Shorts “AS-PG” Short film «ROSALÍA»

2019 «Ellen Kooi Workshop» 12 Miradas Riverside - Vilaseco Art Gallery


2019 “From analogue to digital image and other stories” Víctor Erice

2018 «Conversations with photographers and filmmakers: Antoine d’Agata MAC Coruña

2018 “Cinema and Painting” - Workshop with Víctor Erice / Fuentetaja Literaria Madrid

2017 “Cinema in the mirror of literature” - Workshop with Víctor Erice

2017 “Filming with Víctor Erice” - Cinematographic Realization

2015 Stáge “Le sens du Choix” Christian Caujoulle ”–Les Rencontres de la Photographie. Arlé

2013 “Un Jour avec Paolo Roversi - Les Rencontres d’Arles, France

2010 “Photography for Directors” Alfonso Parra. LAV010

2007 “Photographing the nude” RALPH GIBSON. VPW VANCOUVER

2007 “The Urban Landscape” CARLOS CÁNOVAS - MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art)

2006 “Pablo Ruiz Picasso Workshop” ISABEL MUÑOZ. - MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art)


2021 ‘Arlés - A self-Portrait – Colegio de España. Cité Internationale Universitaire. París

2015 ‘Temps Perdú / Lost Time – Les Rencontres de la Photographie. Arlés

2007 ‘STEPS, BODIES, LOOKS’ - MAC - Contemporary Art Center A Coruña


"Comisariado Cultural" with Manuel Fontán del Junco, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid




1999 Cours de Langue et de Civilisation Françaises – ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE PARÍS

C1 Galician Language